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Did The Mailman Forget My Card?

By Sunie Levin
Resident Blogger

A group of twelve friends (all grandmothers) met for a birthday celebration. Each looked at the other’s new pictures of the grandkids with feigned enthusiasm that each knew would turn into genuine enthusiasm when it was their turn to show off their pictures. One person proudly announced that she had received a card for Mother’s Day. Two others said “me, too,” but they were fibbing. The remaining grandmothers smiled wistfully. 

A spokesperson for Hallmark Cards tells that 150 million cards are sold on Mother’s Day, and 101 million cards are sold on Father’s Day. While on Grandparents Day, only about four million cards are sold. Have grandma and grandpa simply slipped through the cracks? Are grandparents taken for granted? Don’t they count as high on the family scale? 

Rabbits are pikers when it comes to multiplying. Each time a couple has a first baby, four new grandparents are created. More than seven in ten mature Americans boast at least one grandchild. 

According to psychologist David Elkin, there are basically two different kinds of grandparents – the constant and the occasional. The constant lives in the same city and can see their grandchildren frequently. Those who live at long distance become occasional grandparents, and in many cases, don’t get to know their grandkids.  

Now, card or no card, if you want to develop a close relationship with your grandchild – whether in town or miles away – here are some suggestions: 

1. Send constant reminders of grandparents through letters and postcards. Ask the grandkids to be your pen pals through e-mails.

2. Keep a notebook and update it as activities change. Show a genuine interest in what they are doing in their daily lives. 

3. Send greeting cards to grandchildren on different occasions simply to say “I love you.” Hallmark has a number of designs entitled “To Kids With Love.” Or design your own card using the computer. 

4. Start a family card scrapbook where you paste in each card with a date. You can have fun sharing the cards. 

5. Send video tapes for holidays, especially when you won’t be together. Sing songs, tell and read stories. 

Hopefully this Grandparents Day you will receive a call or card. The important thing is, you’ll know whether or not you’ve earned it. And if the postman does deliver one, you’re obviously special!